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Jessica + Alex | Atlantic Beach Country Club Wedding

Okay brides-to-be, have you seen the Atlantic Beach Country Club? If not you MUST stop by and take a look when deciding on a wedding venue. All we can say is GORGEOUS! Jessica and Alex decided to have their big day at this beautiful venue and we are so glad they did.

Lets take a minute a learn a little about this adorable couple. Here is their story told by the bride Jessica:

“Our journey began in the fall of 2012. I had just graduated from the university of north Florida where I was very close friends with Alex’s sister, Meghan, through Greek life and Alex had just moved back to Jacksonville. Meghan invited me to join in on their family vacation to Kingsley lake where I I was first introduced to Alex. Through fun lake days and exploring the downtown area Alex and I realize how much we had in common, and how much fun we had in each others company. The following week Alex asked me to join him on an official first date to get to know each other better. I will never forget that night- we went to Mojos, drank sweet tea, and talked until they closed the restaurant. We have never stopped dating since that moment, and made a promise to each other to always keep dating no matter how long we are together.
Weeks turned into months and months turned into years and I, just like any girl was beginning to get impatient. The day we got engaged I BEGGED him to let me take him to the jewelry store where I was certain I found the ring I HAD to have (what girl doesn’t look around in their free time). Alex, on the other hand, was adamantly against looking together and picking a ring out together. He believed in the element of surprise and wonder. Little did I know, he had done his research and gone to the exact store and found the girl I worked with to find “the ring”, and walked away with the little box that would change my life forever. The real reason he didn’t want to go to the jewelry store to look with me is because the ring was in his truck and he didn’t want me to see them to recognize him at the store. So after what felt like a million errands and my consistent begging we finally made it home and began cooking dinner on he grill. It was an average Monday (yes, MONDAY) night, comfy clothes, Alex on the grill, old country music on the radio, and me in the kitchen making a salad. Alex came into the kitchen from the grill, grabbed my hand and spun me around to dance to Garth Brooks, which is also very normal- Alex LOVES to dance. After a couple minutes of us singing out loud and dancing together Alex sent me out for one last spin and as I turned back around, my future husband was down on one knee with a smile I will never forget. He asked, I cried, we were ENGAGED. We went on to call EVERY person we knew and spent the night with many many joyful and excited conversations, reliving that moment over and over again.
We went on to be married on May 21, 2016 and it was the absolute most perfect day of our lives.”

A big THANK YOU to these AMAZING vendors who made the day so special:

Venue: Atlantic Beach Country Club

Planner: G.G.  Events

Florist: Parkers Events

Hair and Makeup: Studio Bride

Cakes and Treats: Alley Cakes

Band: Bay Kings Band


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Katie + Dalton | Washington Oaks Engagement Photography

Katie and Dalton will be getting married in just a few weeks, but before the big day we managed to work in an Engagement shoot with them at the beautiful Washington Oaks State Park. Dalton is a pilot so it was a little tough to work out the perfect date for the shoot, and we were rained out on one attempt, but we were so excited to have the perfect day for their shoot last week.

Let us tell you a little about this adorable couple:

Dalton and Katie met through family friends. “Love at first sight” was not their story, in fact they both were dating other people when they met. Both had ended their relationships and thats when fate stepped in. A few years after they met Dalton went to a concert with some friends. He bumped into Katie that night and this time the two decided to give love a chance. Dalton and Katie soon began dating however after finishing flight training Dalton was hired as a flight instructor in Phoenix Arizona. People say long distance relationships don’t work, that the pressure of being so far away and still trying to make a relationship work is hopeless.. Well friends Katie and Dalton are living proof that even with miles between them, they not only made it work… Their love grew stronger. Dalton came back to Jacksonville and on December 7th he asked Katie to spend the rest of her life with him. Of course she said yes!

We can’t wait for Katie and Dalton’s special day!


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Kendal + Jason | Ponte Vedra Inn and Club Wedding


The Ponte Vedra Inn & Club is a beautiful wedding venue located in Ponte Vedra Florida. Florida is known for palm trees and beautiful beaches, this venue allows you to experience it all, with the ceremony literally overlooking the beach. Kendal and Jason couldn’t have asked for a more gorgeous sunny day for their wedding. The day started off in the “Florida House” where Kendal was getting ready. When we arrived we began taking photos of Kendal’s wedding details. Kendal chose her dress from The White Magnolia  and it was simply stunning! We watched her niece (who was also her flower girl) come into the room several times and smile at the dress. It was obvious this little girl thought this dress was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. Kendal being an awesome aunt allowed her niece to also try on her wedding shoes, we couldn’t help but make sure we grabbed a shot of this sweet moment! Kendal’s florals were amazing! Kendal has a family friend by the name of Rebecca Sheller who has such a talent with florals. We have actually worked with Rebecca before on another wedding and I have all but begged her to go into the floral  business lol. But as talented as Rebecca is, she loves what she does (helping sick people get better), so we cherish the times we are able to work with her on a wedding.

Kendal and Jason opted to have a first look for their big day.  Some brides do this to save on time after the ceremony, other brides do this to get extra photos on top of their 30 minute session after the ceremony. Though we would never pressure a bride to do a first look we do love first looks! We want a couple to get as many amazing photos as we can give them, and it is always such a sweet private moment that the couple otherwise may not get. There is just something about seeing the couple tear up and have such a candid moment together that pulls at our heart strings.

Kendal and Jason’s reception was F-U-N! The couple chose to have a live band! BriteSide is a local group who had the guests on their feet all night long. At one point Jason’s Grandmother was on the dance floor with a tambourine.. A TAMBOURINE PEOPLE!! lol, thats when you know it’s a good party. We loved how the band interacted with the crowd, even bringing guests on stage to dance and sing. The night was full of laughter, dancing, and having a great time.

We wish Kendal and Jason a lifetime of happiness. Thank you both for allowing us to be a part of such a special day in your lives!!

Venue The Ponte Vedra Inn and Club | Hair and Makeup Mandy Rupp Makeup | Florals Rebecca Sheller | Gown The White Magnolia Bridal Collection (Jacksonville) | Cake Cinotti’s Bakery | Photography The Veil Wedding Photography | Band Briteside



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St Augustine Engagement Photography

Who would have known coming to work on your Saturday off to help your boss paint a wall would lead to L-O-V-E? Well, that was one of the best decisions Erika has made. While there  (she worked at verizon) Blake came in to get internet service. Erika instantly noticed him and couldn’t help but think he was a CUTIE. She realized that he worked at the State Farm Agency just 7 door down from her office. Erika struck up conversation with Blake asking him how much coverage for a motorcycle would be. She says “I mean how could he resist a girl who drives a crotch rocket?!” lol. Her co worker actually went back with Blake to get his own vehicle quote. When her co worker returned she questioned him, wanting to know if Blake had any girlfriend photos up, or if ti looked like he might be single… HE WAS SINGLE!!! WAHOO!! Erika decided to write her name and number on the receipt Blake had left behind. She walked to his store with the intentions of saying “Hey heres your receipt, my name and number is on there in case you have any trouble” (*WINK*WINK*). Unfortunately her master plan didnt go as planned. Blake was out of the office on lunch. The receptionist took the receipt from Erika and left it on Blake’s desk. What now? How was Erika going to make it known she was trying to strike up a conversation with Blake?

For the next week Erika told her co worker (his name is Wes by the way, just to be a little more personal instead of calling this man “co worker” the whole time lol) she didnt think Blake was going to text her. She jokingly said “Hey we have his cell phone number, I could always text him.” Before she knew it Wes (AKA: Co Worker lol) pulled out his phone and said “Your going to thank me for this one day” and texted Blake himself. Sure enough a few days later Blake texted Erika (she says there may have been jumping and excitement involved lol) and they set up a date… The rest is history. People talk about love at first sight, and if you know Landon and My story (we knew each other 4 months before we got married) you know we are BIG believers in it. Erika said she knew pretty fast she loved Blake, it was definitely love at first sight.

Let’s fast forward to the proposal…

On Christmas day while at Erika’s families house the time came for they’re yearly family christmas photo. Blake takes the photo, and then some of the family insist that Blake goes and gets Erika’s dogs (two beautiful dachshunds, Boy: Maverick Girl: Nala). Erika had no idea why in the world the dogs needed to be in the photo however all the sudden Maverick ran out wearing a little top hat and bow tie with Nala following behind him in a wedding dress. Erika obviously didn’t understand what was going on because she yells out “OMG THE WEENIES ARE GETTING MARRIED!” Suddenly Blake gets down on one knee and proposes to Erika.

Talk about ROMANTIC!

The Shoot…

We originally planned to do Erika and Blake’s engagement shoot on Saturday, however the forecast called for a 100% (seriously Florida.. 100% ?!?!) chance of rain. We decided it would be best to push the shoot off until Sunday, and boy are we glad we did. Talk about PERFECT weather!!! Bright and sunny with just the right temperature, we had a great afternoon shooting. Erika and Blake are two peas in a pod. They both have such a easy going fun personality that compliments each other quite well. Blake is not camera shy a bit (most guys will do photos for the women they love, but i wouldn’t say they enjoy them) In fact he had no problem getting in front of the camera by himself several times. I LOVE it when the guys are just as excited for the photos. We met Erika and Blake at the bed and breakfast they were staying at (Journey’s End B&B) and headed to Flagler College where Blake graduated from. From there we headed over to a beautiful church next to the college (Oh how we love the architecture in St. Augustine.) After finishing the first half of the shoot in a more dressy attire, Erika and Blake changed into a more relaxed casual outfit to finish up the shoot.

It was a perfect proposal. Erika and Blake will be saying I DO in 2017 and we can not wait to document their special day.

Enjoy some of these gorgeous photos of their engagement shoot in St. Augustine.


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