Katheryn + Sophanara | Bowing Oaks Plantation Wedding Photography

Bowing Oaks Plantation Wedding Photography

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Katheryn and Sophanara had such a beautiful day at Bowing Oaks Plantation this past February. From the flowers to the drapery everything was picture perfect. We love for our blog viewers to not only see our photos but get a chance to know the couple (because we have some pretty AMAZING couples!) So let’s learn a little about the happy couple:

How We Met:

“I wish I could say that we had some super romantic, Nicholas Sparks type of way that we met, but we really don’t. LOL! We have a very large but very close knit group of friends, so we’ve known each other since about 2006. It’s funny because we never thought of each other in a romantic way until 2012 when I guess the universe and stars aligned and something changed.

The Proposal


It was a Thursday afternoon and I had a jam packed day.. I scheduled an appointment to take one of our dogs to the vet, so I had to leave work early, go to the house to pick her up, take her in and then drop her off back at home, and head over to Sophanara’s brother’s house for a family dinner because his Aunt from NJ was in town visiting. I ended up leaving work later than anticipated, and didn’t take afternoon school traffic into account, so I was REALLY rushing and pushing up against the clock to make to the appointment on time. It was raining, I was sweating from getting her packed and loaded into the car, and I was COMPLETELY covered in dog hair (we have shiba inu’s and they shed A LOT), but we finally made it to the vet. By the time we left, I was exhausted, looked a HOT MESS, and was STILL running late, so I rushed home to drop her off, didn’t even bother changing or fixing myself up, and headed over to dinner. Now for anyone who knows me.. I’m the kind of girl who doesn’t leave the house without a full face of makeup and my hair done, but I figured that it was just close family and they would understand. I swear.. if I could go back and re-do one thing… LOL

Anyways, we ate dinner and as the adults were finishing up, his two nieces left the table to go draw/color in their coloring book. They called me over because they wanted to show me their pictures. Now keep in mind, these are the drawings of a 4 year and 18 month old, so I really didn’t have much of an idea what I was looking at. Page after page, I told them how nice their pictures were, until finally they stopped at a page that said “Will you be our Auntie?” To be completely honest, I was kind of confused because they already called me Auntie, but smiled and told them, “Of course! You guys are so sweet!” I must have been standing there for a while because finally someone let out an “Ahem” and kind of nudged me turn around, because behind me Sophanara was down on one knee with this fancy schmancy ring box that had a little spot light shining down on the ring, and asked me to marry him.

My first word after the question that I’ve been waiting oh so long to hear… “Reeeally??” (in a high pitched, SUPER excited, but seriously can’t believe it type of way) He thought it was cute… I would probably take that back too. LOL.

Now in my defense, I had NO IDEA he was going to propose. I honestly thought that we would be like 50 before he ever got around to it… LOL. I mean, that was a running joke between us. After every engagement or baby announcement, I would always look at him and say, “Soooo….” And he would humorously groan and be like, “One day babe…” so I never even saw it coming. Eventually I shifted my attention to buying a boat, so for the past few months, we had been casually looking. Actually.. we got into several arguments because I couldn’t understand why he was dragging his feet about it.. (little did I know), but either way, it NEVER even crossed my mind.

Now after my initial shock, of course my 2nd word was “Yes!!!!!” and then came the hugs and kisses, and finally once it all sank in, “But I don’t even look cute right now!” And we all started cracking up.

That  wasn’t the actual day that he planned on proposing. We actually had a vacation planned for two weeks later where a group of us were going down to the Keys for a friend’s birthday. but when the ring came in it burned a hole in his pocket. He was SO excited, which he blames it on that little light inside the box, saying that every time he opened it and saw that light shining down, it made

Favorite moments from the wedding

 First Look: At first, I really only wanted to do a first look to make the day more relaxed for the wedding party and give them time to enjoy cocktail hour, but we were really thankful for the extra moments that it gave us together. The day FLEW by despite all of my efforts to “slow it down”, but I’m glad I can look back and really remember those private (plus Landon J) few moments in the middle of a whirlwind.

 First Dance- but not ours: Don’t get me wrong… I loved our first dance. We danced to Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran, which was picked out before we even got engaged. I remember when that song came out, I fell in love with it and told him that it would be our first dance when we got married. Fast forward almost 3 years later, and I stayed true to my word.

Anyways, during the past year, some of our friends got married but didn’t have a big ceremony/reception like ours. Jackie (Bridesmaid) and Chang (Usher) eloped in Savannah, and Tina (Bridesmaid) and Tommy just had a super small backyard ceremony with their immediate family.  We wanted to give them the opportunity to have a first dance together, so we asked Carlton to cut our dance after the first verse and invite each couple up for a dance. I ran it by the girls and had each of them pick a song, but the guys were totally clueless. Seeing their surprise and then watching them all enjoy each of their moments really made our hearts full. I didn’t cry during my own dance, but I definitely cried during each of theirs.

Seeing all of the family: Sophanara has a HUGE family… I mean… really huge, so it’s only on very rare occasions where everyone will be in one place at the same time. It was such an honor knowing that we had family travel from all over the US… from Hawaii to California to New Jersey etc., just to share this special time with us.

The Details: For months, I poured my heart and soul into planning out all of the details for the wedding. I spent all of my lunch breaks shopping for decorations. I spent hours on arts and crafts, from the hand writing the calligraphy on the drink menu, to cutting the paper flowers and making the seating chart. I made the sangria, infused the vodka, and put together the smores bar. There were so many small touches, that I really didn’t expect anyone to pay that much attention to, so it was awesome to hear so many compliments and how much everyone enjoyed and appreciated the attention to detail. It was an AMAZING feeling to finally see it all come together and watch all of our guests enjoy it.

Vendor Love:

Venue Bowing Oaks Plantation | Planning & Design Christina Kreations | Florals Lori Parker Floral Studios | Hair Carolyn Syquio | Makeup Wyndi Abuan | Bridal Dress Michael’s Formalwear & Bridal | Bridesmaid Dresses Bella Bridesmaids | Entertainment McGee Entertainment & Events, Inc.

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